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Kejara Demerit Points System

The Demerit Points System is a system whereby drivers who commit specific traffic offences are given demerit points under the Motor Vehicles (Demerit Points) Rules 1997.

Objectives of KEJARA

  1. Raising awareness of traffic rules compliance among vehicle operators
  2. Developing drivers who are disciplined, responsible and considerate on the road
  3. Assisting the government’s efforts in reducing road accidents

Implementation of KEJARA

KEJARA had been implemented under Sections 35, 35A, 37 and 38, the 1987 Road Transportation Act and the Motor Vehicles (Demerit Points) Rules 1997.

Penalties given under KEJARA

  1. First offence – suspension of driver’s license for no longer than 6 months
  2. Second offence – suspension of driver’s license for no longer than 12 months
  3. Third offence – suspension of driver’s license for no longer than 6 months, and
  4. Revocation of driver’s license for a third offence committed within a duration of 5 years.

Revocation of the ‘P’ License after accumulating 10 or more demerit points.
When a driver’s CDL license is suspended, he/she will not be allowed to drive or attempt to acquire any kind of driver’s license, such as a learner’s permit, within the duration of the suspension. Whereas for the holder of a ‘P’ license who has the license suspended, he or she will not be allowed to drive or attempt to acquire any kind of driver’s license for a duration of twelve months beginning from the date the initial license is surrendered.

Penalty: Operating a vehicle within a license suspension period will result in a RM1,000 fine or a six (6) month prison sentence.

Bonus Point

For CDL license holders who acquire less than 15 demerit points, who do not commit any of the listed offences for a period of 24 consecutive months, 7 demerit points will be deducted from them.

This system is applicable to Probationary and Competent Driving License. This system ensure

  1. To ensure of safety road guaranteed
  2. Ensure driver discipline, responsible and tolerate with other road users

Road penalties associated with KEJARA demerit point:-

No Offence Demerit Points
01. Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs / Intoxication. 15 points
02. Driving dangerous / reckless. 15 points
03. Illegal racing on the road / Street Racing. 15 points
04. Inconsiderate driving. 15 points
05. Failure to provide breath, blood or urine sample when requested by a police officer, without a justifiable reason. 15 points
06. Failed to follow traffic light. 10 points
07. Driving over the speed limit
–        By 40 km/h 10 points
–        By 26 km/h – 40 km/h 8 points
–        By 1 km/h – 25 km/h 6 points
08. Fail to give priority to ambulance, firefighter, police, custom, or Road Transaction Department car (with siren) 8 points
09. Fail to stop at junction 8 points
10. Offences related to overtaking and obstructing an overtaking vehicle. 8 points
11. Offences committed at a pedestrians crossing. 8 points
12. Offences related to driving on the left lane. 8 points
13. Careless driving. 8 points
14. Ignore traffic sign or regulation. 5 points
15. Using exhausted tire. 5 points
16. Operating a motor vehicle on a cordoned off roadway. 5 points
17. Overtaking at a double line. 5 points
18. Failure to adhere to terms stated on “P” License (Rule 15A) Motor Vehicle Rules (driver’s license) 1992.
–        Failure to keep the probationary license on one’s person while operating a motor vehicle. 5 points
–        Failure to display identification at an easily-accessible place, according to the diagram in the sixth table of the rules. 10 points
–        Failure to keep the alcohol level in one’s breath, blood and urine at 0.00. 5 points

Source from: www.jpj.gov.my

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